dr oetker

Unilever has received a binding offer to acquire its Alsa baking and dessert business from German firm Dr. Oetker. The deal also includes Alsa’s manufacturing unit in Ludres, France, said the company in a statement. The amount of the purchase is not disclosed.

Alsa, whose products include flan mixes and baking powder, was bought by Unilever in 2000, but the Anglo-Dutch multinational now feels the brand is not part of its core business.

“In the context of our global strategy to accelerate long term, sustainable value creation, the baking and desserts category is not part of Unilever’s evolving core portfolio. We are confident that under Dr. Oetker’s ownership and support, Alsa, which has established a strong legacy in the world of desserts since its origins in 1897 in Lorraine, would be able to progress to its full potential,” said Bauke Rouwers, General Manager Unilever France.

Didier Muller, General Manager Dr. Oetker France, commented: “Alsa is a brand whose know-how and product quality perfectly complement our product range. We would be happy to welcome Alsa into Dr. Oetker’s group. Our goal is to pursue the brand’s growth and development both in France and internationally, based on its know-how and innovation capabilities.”

An unlisted, family-run business, Dr. Oetker ranks among the leading brand manufacturers in the German food industry. Its production and distribution firms are active in some 40 countries and has a total turnover of €2.4 billion.