urban eat summer specials

URBAN eat has unveiled two new summer seasonal specials including its first avocado sandwich.

The vegan Chipotle Chickpea & Avocado and the colourful Wiltshire Ham & Applewood Smoky Cheddar sandwich will be available from 29 April to 18 August from RRP £2.79.

They bring back the popular beach hut packaging to help the products stand out on shelf.

Avocado sandwiches are made through a manufacturing method developed by Adelie Foods that allows the fruit to stay fresh and prevent browning when in the sandwich.

“With the number of consumers looking for meat-free lunchtime options at an all-time high, we’ve opted to make our first avocado sandwich vegan, using a vegan mayonnaise,” said Wayne Greensmith, head of category marketing at Adelie Foods.

“Our innovation team are always looking at new ingredients we can use and different recipes to bring to market. We’re really pleased to bring Applewood’s smokey cheddar cheese to our sandwiches for the first time and think these will be popular with shoppers,” Greensmith added.