Fuze Tea

Coca-Cola European Partner is set to unveil a new, integrated marketing campaign to support Fuze Tea, the iced tea drink launched earlier this year.

The ‘Serve yourself a little me-time’ campaign, which started airing on 8 October, will run across TV and video for three weeks.

The campaign follows a national poll from Fuze Tea which revealed that four in ten (44%) Brits feel they rarely get any me-time with moments lasting for a maximum of 55 minutes, the least amount of time throughout Europe.

As well as TV and VOD, the campaign will be supported by digital out-of-home advertising which will see Fuze Tea target Brits during their busiest moments and encourage them to take some time out of their day to enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

Mobile advertising through native banner and expandable banners will also run through October, and digital and social content will go live across Facebook and Instagram.