GroceryAid, the industry charity, has received a letter from Professor Anne McArdle, Head of Department of Musculoskeletal Biology at the University of Liverpool.

Professor McArdle was writing to thank the charity after its support allowed her to continue her education when her father, a supermarket manager, died when she was just 17.

Professor McArdle is now a leading light in the field of bio gerontology (the study of aging) and her advanced international research is of great importance.

GroceryAid was able to step in at an inflection point in Anne’s life and make a positive difference at a moment of great distress.

Steve Barnes, Chief Executive of GroceryAid said; “Professor McArdle’s story shows how we were there for a grocery family in their hour of need. We made a life-changing impact and we are humbled by what Anne has gone on to achieve. None of us ever know what is round the corner and that is why GroceryAid is there for colleagues in times of crisis. I could not be prouder that we are a part of Anne’s story.”

Professor Malcolm Jackson, Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Impact at the University of Liverpool commented; “Professor Anne McArdle is a well-respected scientist at the University of Liverpool. She is undertaking important research into why we all become frail as we age to find ways of preventing age-related weakness and improving the quality of life of older people. Anne is very well recognised internationally for her work and regularly invited to present her research overseas.”