rolling tobacco

Application window for tobacco track and trace codes has opened today (23 April) for large retailers. The process will be open to all retailers from 30 April.

Small retailers will only get a three-week window to file their applications as the regulation takes effect on 20 May.

Retailers will have to apply to the government appointed ID issuer, De La Rue, to receive both an ‘economic operator identifier code’ for their business and a ‘facility identifier code’ for each of their stores, which would be necessary to sell tobacco from their stores.

There will be no fees associated with the application process for the codes.

De La Rue, a security and anti-counterfeiting solution provider, has signed a £3.5 million contract with HMRC to implement the track and trace system in the UK.

To obtain the codes, retailers must apply to De La Rue before 20 May. HMRC has earlier informed that that the retailers will receive their codes from 10 May.

The track and trace proposals in the EU Revised Tobacco Products Directive will put in place a new method of tracking the sale of legitimate tobacco products through the supply chain.

The Association of Convenience Store has issued a guidance on the subject which is available here to consult.