Tips To Promote A Brand On YouTube


YouTube is one of the most widely used platforms and the second biggest website. It has an enormous reach with billions of people using it. It is a powerful marketing tool and is used by many businesses to increase awareness, drive more traffic, and generate leads. 

Videos being the most engaging content, it is suitable for all types of businesses. Especially now that everything is digital, YouTube has sure gained more popularity for advertising. You just have to make sure you follow a few tips to make your YouTube campaign a success. 


  • Define your goals

The first step is to build a marketing strategy to promote your business on YouTube. Define your goals. What do you want to achieve? What audience do you want to carter or target?  Do you want to generate sales or increase your brand awareness or promote sales or increase the traffic to your website? Be specific in your goals. Your goals should be measurable. For example, if you want to increase the reach, you should have a clear target on the number of subscribers and views. This will help you to analyze your performance and have a good strategic plan in place. 


  • Be consistent 

Consistency is the key to your success. The more videos you post, the more is the chance to reach your audience. YouTube would also push your brand forward if you are consistent with your content. You will be able to build a base of loyal followers when you are consistent in posting videos. One video that captures the attention of the viewers will lead them to watch your other videos. You should set a strict schedule and stick to it. Find when most of the potential audiences are active on YouTube. 

For example, if most of your potential viewers are watching YouTube videos during weekends, make sure you post your videos on Saturday mornings and afternoons. 


  • Create the right type of video

There are many types of videos that are effective to promote your business on YouTube that includes how-to videos, demonstration videos, behind the scene videos, informative videos, review videos, interview videos, vlogging, animated videos, educational videos, documentaries, case studies, and screen share videos, etc. You should find which type will suit your business’s needs and work best to reach your goals. 


  • Be unique 

Do you know 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube? You have to create unique videos if you want to make sure it does not go unnoticed. If you want to promote your brand on YouTube, you need a unique logo to reveal video. Several logos reveal templates are available online like this one here. You can create engaging videos in an instant using the templates. Logo Reveal videos are now a child’s play. 


  • Give importance to SEO 

If you want people to find your video when they search for YouTube, you should not forget SEO. What should you do to increase your SEO? 

  • Pick the right keywords for your channel, for the video’s title, for the description of your video, and for the content of your video. You can find the right keywords from your competitor’s video and from your niche. 
  • Add relevant tags to increase the visibility of your videos. 
  • Select the best thumbnail images that will get maximum attention. 
  • Add the URL of your website to lead viewers to your site. 


  • Spread the word about your videos

Promoting your videos is very important if you want to attain your goals. You should spread the word and tell the world about your videos. Use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your videos. Post it on your website and blog. Contact your existing customers and potential customers through email letters to let them know about your video. There is no meaning in waiting for people to find your videos and watch them. Promote your videos and make them watch. 


  • Touch the emotional side of the viewers 

Add an emotional message in your videos. Emotional messages are the perfect tools to connect with the viewers. You can easily create an identity for your company and awareness for your brand with a personal message. The effect of emotions is enhanced with pastel colors like blue, pink, purple, peach, etc. These colors are soothing and relaxing. They create a happy feeling. Plus, they are in trend, so people are more attracted to it.  Using a specific color palette will also make the customers relate to your brand and your product. 


  • Collaborate with popular YouTube personalities

If you want to create brand awareness and identity, collaborate with an established YouTube personality. Several popular YouTubers have millions of followers and subscribers. When you promote your brand in their videos, your product or service becomes easily recognizable. The viewers relate your product or service with their favorite YouTubers. So it also helps in generating sales. You indeed have to pay the price for collaborating with an established YouTube personality. However, you should remember that it is worth the money spent. 


  • Be a sponsor of shows on YouTube.

There are many short films, miniseries, interesting live telecasts, and other shows on YouTube. When you are new to YouTube, and if you want to get noticed in a short span of time, you should sponsor a show that is a favorite among the YouTube viewers. If your budget allows, this is a good idea to establish your brand identity. 


  • Don’t miss a ‘call to action.’

A call to action will drive the viewers to buy a product or visit your website. What are the different types of CTA’s that you can use? 

  • Subscribe to channel 
  • Follow on social media platforms 
  • Take the viewers to your website
  • Recommend another video to watch
  • Invite them to share and like your video
  • Ask them to contact you.


  • Track the performance

Make use of YouTube analytical tools to track your video’s performance and find the weak points of it. You can make the necessary changes to your strategy based on the tracking results. 

YouTube can be very effective in promoting your business if you use it rightly following a few useful tips. Plan the right strategy and achieve your goals.