Three-year old James kicks off Nisa’s lorry naming campaign


Inspired by a young truck enthusiast, Nisa is launching a campaign to name its vehicle fleet after members of the community it serves.

Nisa have already named a delivery truck after three-year old James Dawson, a young customer of the Nisa store on Broad Street, Whittlesey, Peterborough.

James has been mesmerised with the Nisa delivery truck since he was a baby and doesn’t like to leave his home until the truck has made its daily delivery to the store – owned by Jamie and Anish Keshwara.

This is the first time Nisa have named one of their delivery vehicles in somebody’s honour. The naming is the first part of a nationwide community initiative to celebrate Nisa’s 40th anniversary in 2017.

The innovative campaign, which launches on May 12, aims to recognise individuals from the communities that have supported Nisa’s independent retailer members over the past four decades. It is open for anyone to enter as long as they have a Nisa retailer nearby.

Nisa hope to name 40 vehicles before the year is out.