Illustration: Sam Edwards

Consumers are worried the high street is going to be lost completely due to the current store closures in the news, reveals a new research.

A survey by KIS Finance has showed that 61 percent of Brits are worried the high street will disappear in the next ten years due to recent store closures in the news. Food and beverage, value and fashion brands are predicted to be the next victims of the high street.

Independent retailers are least likely to remain on high streets, respondents to the survey think.

When asked what would tempt them back to the high street, the top answers from Brits were: more staff to ensure that the experience is quicker (41%), clearer stock check in store (34%), 24-hour service so that you can shop at any time (27%), self-checkout service to avoid queues (26%).

The survey also indicated that free parking and easy accessibility could attract more consumers to shop in-store.

“It is obvious from our research that people do still like going into store to shop, but it just isn’t as accessible as online shopping is,” said Holly Andrews, managing director at KIS Finance.

“The reason why so many retailers are struggling with their stores is because consumer shopping habits are changing and the high street needs to change with it, creating a more community led atmosphere with more accessibility and variety for everyone.”

The research by KIS Finance reveals that northern cities such as Leeds and Glasgow had been hit far harder by the major store closures of the last year, including those announced already in 2019 such as M&S and Patisserie Valerie.