pladis has launched its 2018 Annual Biscuit Review, urging retailers to seize the opportunity to add £330 million of additional biscuit sales over three years by tapping into the anticipated £1.2 billion rise in snacking over the same period.
Now in its fourth year, the category review highlights key areas for retailers to cash in on the category’s new snacking hotspots whilst at the same time protecting the £2.6 billion core biscuits fixture, which on its own has added another £33 million of retail sales in the last year alone.
“It’s easy to forget the huge contribution that biscuits make to the sales of retailers and foodservice operators of all sizes,” explains Stuart Graham, Customer Marketing Director at pladis UK & Ireland, “which is why our latest Annual Biscuit Review is probably the most important we have launched to date.
“This year’s Review will serve as an invaluable resource for retailers, wholesalers and foodservice operators looking to make the most of this ever-evolving category’s hottest new opportunities, as well as containing key advice about how to protect core sales by stocking the right range.”
With £500 spent on snacking every second (Kantar), the company is aiming to help retailers unlock the true potential for biscuits within a £1.2 billion additional snacking opportunity over the next three years, by urging them to think about a number of key growth drivers, and then stock the right biscuit products accordingly.
“Nine out of 10 shoppers now claim to snack multiple times per day, whilst one in 14 (7%) forego meals altogether and simply rely on snacks to keep them going, so it’s essential that retailers are stocking the right biscuit formats and products to help inform purchasing decisions,” explains Graham. “It’s also important that retailers think about the type of shoppers that are coming into their stores, so that they can dial up the key growth drivers accordingly.”