Switch to free range boosts sales for Lancashire Farm Dairies

Rochdale-based Lancashire Farm Dairies said it has seen sales increase by 20 percent following the move to using only free range milk in all of its yogurt products.

The free range products hit shelves at the start of 2018, accompanied with a brand makeover.

“With the rebrand, we wanted to communicate our move to free range on the pack and to customers, ultimately capturing ‘happy cows make better milk’. Crucially, customers vote with their wallet and so far the response has been fantastic,” said Jack Morrison, brand manager at Lancashire Farm Dairies.

Consumers have become increasingly concerned about animal welfare of late, and regularly opt to buy ‘ethical’ farm products such as free range milk and organic meat.

“As a brand we’re always looking to evolve. A key part of the evolution is listening to consumers changing demands,” added Morrison.

“We’re the first UK yogurt brand to commit to using exclusively free range milk, milk sourced from cows that are free to graze a minimum of 150 days a year. This took all areas of the business and supply chain to deliver on this proposition.”