Shoppers and store staff have been accused of unwrapping Cadbury’s Creme Eggs then placing them back on shelves to try to win £2,000.

Mondelez is selling a limited number of white chocolate Creme Eggs from now until Easter.

Between 350 and 400 white chocolate eggs are hidden in regular Creme Egg wrappers.

Shoppers who find them will be in with a chance of winning up to £2,000.

But shoppers now seem to be unwrapping eggs and putting them back on shelves if they are not white chocolate.

Tweeting a picture of a heap of eggs which had been interfered with, Ryan Reeves of Essex said: “@sainsburys The search for a white chocolate creme egg has gone to your employees heads clearly.”

One shopper who found unwrapped Creme Eggs in a Tesco Express in Essex told The Sun: “I opened one of the other boxes that was stacked in the store and they were the same. I can’t see how that could have been done by shoppers!”

A Twitter user wrote: “This white creme egg thing just means every single creme egg has been unwrapped and touched by some randoms in Tesco.”

Cadbury has said every white egg will be worth at least £100.

One white egg on sale at Co-op will be worth £2,000, while 33 will be worth £1,000 and the rest £100.

With 500 million Creme Eggs produced a year, around 333 million of those are sold in the UK, giving shoppers roughly a one in 850,000 chance of winning a prize.

Tweeting a picture of unwrapped Creme Eggs, freelance writer Paul Lang said he originally thought there was a production problem, but has since realised they were unwrapped because of the competition.

Kate Flood from Manchester tweeted on New Year’s Day: “Shout out to the person whose first life choice of 2018 was to stand in the middle of the shop and unwrap all the Creme Eggs to find a prize.”

Seeing unwrapped eggs in Co-op, Tasmin Dawes tweeted: “Every single creme egg in the Co-op clearly already been opened and re wrapped…. something’s telling me this definitely isn’t a white one.”

Josh Slesser of Newcastle tweeted Cadbury: “Well not only do these look smaller, I see people have already started unwrapping the foil to look for the white creme eggs.”

The white chocolate Creme Egg has the same fondant yolk centre as regular Creme Eggs, but with a white chocolate shell instead of a milk chocolate one.

They are available to find in stores until April 1.

It is thought there are 371 winning Creme Eggs on shelves across the UK.

Shoppers cannot know if they have won until they unwrap the white chocolate eggs as they have the same packaging as regular Creme Eggs.

The winning eggs are hidden inside single wrapped eggs, which have an RRP of 58p, or in five packs which cost £2.85.

Independent retailers have 13 winning eggs on their shelves worth £1,000 and another 78 worth £100. One egg worth £1,000 will be in an independent shop somewhere in mainland UK before April 1.