Rustlers’ range of burgers to drive chilled sales for retailers


Rustlers is helping retailers to drive sales for their ready meals category with its range of quick-to-cook flame-grilled burgers. The launch of the Rustlers Gourmet range taps into the major foodservice trend for gourmet burgers which in recent years has filtered through to the high-street.

The Rustlers Gourmet ‘Classic’ and ‘BBQ’ burgers are both made with 100% beef and served in a brioche bun to meet shopper demand for more upmarket hot food to go options.

Angela Daulby, UK Group Sales Director for Rustlers, says: “C-store retailers can use Rustlers Gourmet Burgers to drive basket spend, which is reinforced by the fact that 80% of consumers are interested in experiencing the gourmet burger trend at home, with 67% of consumers seeing gourmet as a good fit with Rustlers.”

Lunchtime is the biggest occasion for Rustlers with over 62% of all Rustlers sold being eaten for lunch. However, research also highlights Rustlers’ pulling power in attracting food to go shoppers, with almost two thirds (65%) saying they are more inclined to visit stores that stock the UK’s favourite micro-snacking brand.

Daulby adds: “The fact that eight out of ten food to go shoppers have a microwave at work, and more than half of all food to go shoppers eat their lunch at their workplace highlights the pivotal role that Rustlers can play in maintaining the growth of the food to go market.

“Convenience stores that offer hot food to go also generate a higher basket spend, with the average ‘hot’ food to go shopper spending 10% more on their basket (£4.06) than the average food to go shopper (£3.69).”

Category Average basket spend Average basket size
Chilled Food (exc milk) £10.35 4.6
Soft drinks £9.37 4.2
Confectionery (take home) £6.39 3.5
Crisps & Snacks £7.67 4.2

Rustlers, which grows at an annual rate of 8 percent on an average, is working closely with retailers to provide the right range for their store and to ensure that they are maximising the opportunity the chilled ready meals presents. It delivers a higher basket size and spend than any other category and presents great profit opportunities for retailers when combined with a higher number of visits to the fridge each week from consumers.

 Visits per week:





Rustlers is also enabling retailers to offer an in-store cooking solution with its microwave or food to go unit, both proven to boost sales of hot food without the concerns over waste and the additional labour costs associated with food to go counters.

Ideally, they should be sited next to the front-of-store chiller or with other food to go options, which act as a signpost for shoppers. To maximise visibility, free POS advises shoppers that they can heat up the products in-store after purchase.

The unit is pre-programmed to cook the best-selling Rustlers SKUs, but it can also cook other microwavable products. It comes with a large preparation area and built-in waste bin to keep the surrounding area tidy.

Daulby concludes: “Retail is a competitive industry and it’s more important than ever that both brands and retailers stay relevant by adapting to shopper needs. Lifestyle changes have driven the evolution of Shopper Missions; a combination of dual income households, late retirement and busy lifestyles is resulting in a lack of time, which means it’s more important than ever before to provide shoppers with the quick and convenient solutions they are seeking.”