Retailer finds success with store from Stoneleigh exhibition


Retailer Kodeeswaran Subramaniam had been searching all over the country for his dream store until he found exactly what he wanted at Nisa’s annual exhibition at Stoneleigh in April.

He was so impressed with the new Store of the Future 2 Evolution format on display that instead of taking tips from the store, he decided to go one step further, and buy it!

Subramaniam and his business manager Adam Stone had a shared vision for how they wanted their new store in Gloucester to look and saw that vision when they attended the event.

“I really liked the feel of the shop and the colour and fittings so I bought it – and everything that went with it,” Subramaniam told Asian Trader.

The store has already been up and running for two months, and so far, everything is going well.

Business manager Adam Stone, said: “We had looked at many stores and taken little ideas from them all. But when we saw the Stoneleigh store it was exactly what we had envisioned. It was upmarket and had the look and feel we were searching for.”

All the fixtures and fittings, from the cigarette gantry to the ice cream freezer to the instore signage, were dismantled at the close of the exhibition and installed in the retail unit in Gloucester and the pair are delighted with the finished product.

“Several other retailers have visited my shop and everybody wants this kind of store,” said Subramaniam. “They have come from all over the country – London, Manchester, Birmingham – to look at this shop so they can buy the same kind of store.”

Subramaniam said he was not expecting to purchase a shop when he attended the event but he had seen enough stores to know this was the one he wanted.

“I’m happy being part of Nisa and having their model shop,” says Subramaniam. “The customers are happy with the range and when they come in for one or two things, they often do a £30-£40 shop. This is the kind of store that people want to come to.”