Dan Cock’s new look Premier Whitstone store has only been open a few weeks but the retailer is already reaping the rewards after a complete refurbishment.

Bringing convenience stores into the 21st century, the relaunched store in Cornwall not only has an enviable fresh, alcohol, local produce and Food To Go range, but also a cafe area which turns into a bar for locals in the evenings.

Since the relaunch, Cock’s shop has increased its taking by 20% and the cafe/bar is bringing in an additional £5,000 a week.

To make the most of the popularity of Food To Go, Cock is also running a Sunday carvery service where he asks customers to bring a plate which can be loaded up with a roast meal. This is available alongside a wide range of pasties which his store has become known for.

After unveiling the store, Cock thanked fellow retailers and Premier for all the assistance they had provided for turning his dream store into a reality.

“I have been supported every step of the way by Premier,” said Cock. “They have given me the flexibility to let me achieve my vision and tailor my store to the local area. Without their help, this would have taken a lot more time and effort.”

“I have been a Premier retailer for eight years and I wouldn’t be one if the fit wasn’t right, the service wasn’t right and the price wasn’t right. I am getting the best from my supplier so I know I can give the best to my customers.”

The new store which is becoming a community hub for many local groups is open from 7am-9pm, and until 12pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The re-launch sees the store increase by approximately 1,000sq foot.

Another area of success for the store has been the dedicated alcohol area which has seen a 40% rise on spirits since they have been taken out from behind the counter.

Cock’s next step is to expand the Food To Go offered in the evening as well as to supervise new staff to ensure they can crucially pour the perfect pint.