Recycled Plastic Rating campaign offers clearer labelling with new trust mark

Children at Thomas's Fulham School in Fulham, West London help Delphis Eco, the leading UK manufacturer of eco-cleaning products launch its ‘Plastics Pledge’ initiative, the goal of which is to persuade the UK Government to make a ‘recycled plastic rating label’ a mandatory requirement on all plastic packaging. LONDON, September 19 2019.

A new trust mark launched alongside the Global Climate Strike on Friday (20 September) hopes to simplify over 28 different marks on plastic recycling into a single industry standard.

The ‘Recycled Plastic Rating’ campaign, promoted by entrepreneur and philanthropist Mark Jankovich and his eco-cleaning product company Delphis Eco, aims to help consumers to take back control of what plastic actually gets recycled, versus what gets dumped into the oceans.

“Having a rating which shows the amount of recycled plastic content in the packaging we buy will instantly give consumers the power to vote with their wallets and chose packaging that is fundamentally diverting plastic from landfill,” Jankovich said.

“The RPR will enable consumers to see, at a glance, the exact plastic credentials of products they are purchasing.”

Jankovich asked the government to make the new RPR mandatory on all packaging.

The move follows research that reveals that 79 percent of people support clearer labelling of plastic packaging to help them determine its impact on the environment. The survey has also found that 60 percent of people are confused about which types of plastic packaging are the most harmful to the environment.

The campaign has urged retailers to support the initiative.

“We’ve spoken to a number of companies, academic bodies and NGO’s and they all agree that there needs to be much more clarity and focus around what is recycled, and that we should unite behind one mark that consumers can trust,” Jankovich added.

As part of the launch, the campaigners have hosted a giant eco-turtle recycled blimp, trapped in an ocean of plastic, outside the QE2 Centre on the Green opposite West Abbey. The 10 metre blip will tour across the UK during Wrap’s Recycle Week (23-29 September) to raise awareness of the RPR.