PepsiCo has unveiled a new hydration platform that addresses consumer demands for smarter and more sustainable on-the-go beverage options.

As part of PepsiCo’s Beyond the Bottle efforts, the new system makes it easier for people to stay hydrated, digitally track their hydration, and help meet the growing demand for more sustainable packaging.

The beverages giant said the platform is the next step, following the recent acquisition of sparkling water maker SodaStream, in its Beyond the Bottle journey, which encompasses ways to deliver beverages without single-use plastic bottles.

The hydration platform is made up of three components: a hydration dispenser, a companion, user-friendly smartphone app, and a personalized QR code sticker for reusable bottles that allows consumers to be effortlessly recognized by the dispenser.

The connected ecosystem also allows users to set their own daily hydration goals and automatically tracks their way to meeting them. Additionally, it tracks their environmental impact with a unique count of plastic bottles saved with each pour as well as over time saves unique preferences (like favorite flavors and carbonation levels) for future use.

“This new hydration platform is an exciting step in the PepsiCo Beyond the Bottle innovation pipeline,” said Jim Andrew, EVP SodaStream and Beyond the Bottle Ventures. “This platform is a great example of how we are evolving our portfolio to provide more sustainable options for consumers to get personalized, great-tasting beverages.”

The new platform is completely customizable and offers a variety of zero-calorie flavor, carbonation, and temperature options that can be customized for every pour.

Users can create their preferred drink and save their favorites in the mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, all water is nano-filtered to guarantee clean water every time.

PepsiCo said it will launch the platform this year at select workplaces, universities, and hospitality partners.