Over 10,000 PayPoint One devices installed


Over 10,000 PayPoint One devices have now been installed across the UK, the company has reported.
Even when they are not physically in their stores, retailers can access full front and back office functionality remotely through any internet-enabled device. PayPoint One users can also see real-time sales, edit products, update shelf-edge labels and manage stock orders and deliveries through the free mobile app. The PayPoint One app is currently available on Android through Google Play and an IOS version will be available later this year.
PayPoint One includes integrated bill payment services and contactless card payments, where customers can pay with credit/debit cards, mobile devices and other contactless payment methods. The platform accepts Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. These payment solutions mean that customers get the items they need quicker and easier, reducing wait times and improving the shopping experience.
Muhammed Rana of Premier Poplar stores in Huddersfield reports the data collected by his PayPoint One freed up more than a quarter of his time and his margins increased from 18 to 32 per cent. He said: “PayPoint One is the easiest system I’ve ever used, and I like the fact that it is Android based and always evolving.”