nisa model store

Nisa has hailed a flagship store at the York University as its first ‘Model Store’ on integrating Co-op own label range.

The York University Nisa Local store on the Heslington East Campus opened in February this year and is currently stocking some 700 lines from the Co-op.

Nisa is asking other stores to use the university store as a benchmark.

“The York University store is a brilliant example of a modern, independent convenience store. Working together with the team at York we have been able to showcase our vision and exhibit a living example of best practice,” said Darren May, head of format and development at Nisa.

“By looking at the York store and how Co-op own label is working for them, we hope that other Nisa partners will see how it can be integrated into their own businesses.”

Adam Viney, store manager at York University, said: “It really is fantastic to be working with Nisa and winning together. Introducing this great brand to the students at the university and to local residents is proving really successful.

“The Co-op lines are all working really well for us. The margins are good, particularly on ambient – they are better than what we were getting before. And in chill, the range is driving customers into the store for the many excellent fresh lines.

“Co-op products are flying off the shelves and there are some that we just can’t keep up with.”