New World wines a hit for indies

A woman's hand reaches out to select a bottle of red wine from the shelf of a wine shop

With wines from the New World showing strong growth in the independent channel, retailers need to be informed about wine in order to pass on the knowledge to their customers.

Wine is a massively important category for the convenience channel, with retailers often decorating the wine fixture in a variety of creative ways.
With tastes and trends changing constantly, retailers need to stay informed about the market to know which lines to stock. The category is a complicated one, including varieties from all over the world, and retailers need to be educated about it in order to advise their shoppers.
Wine brands from the New World (Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina) are continuing to show strong growth in the independent channel.
Concha y Toro’s Casillero del Diablo grew 10% in independent retail last year, and Trivento from Argentina even better: 36% growth and now over £1 million in value in independents (Nielsen).
Malbec, (the red grape variety, is a huge growth area generally. As a red grape variety it has jumped into third place overall in total still wine (Nielsen).
Rosé, especially the paler types, continues to show solid growth.
There are several trends we’re seeing right now, according to Concha y Toro, wine in cans being a major one. Consumers love the portability and ‘ready to drink’ nature of the can, as well as the fact it’s 100% recyclable.
Lighter alcohol is certainly a strong driver, and Concha y Toro has just introduced a new wine drink in cans, called O’jos, which answers both of these customer needs. Available in two flavours, Chardonnay spritz with rose and raspberry and Rosé spritz with pink peppercorn and cranberry, O’jos contains around 130 calories a can with only 5.5% alcohol.
Another interesting trend is for chilled red wine. Concha y Toro has launched a new bottle for Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir to encourage people to chill it in the warm summer months. When the wine is the right temperature, the famous bicycle on the label turns blue. It’s backed up with a neckcollar to explain and the brand will be featured on TV.
Concha y Toro has developed an objective customer advice tool, Wine Wise ( which tells retailers what to stock, how to merchandise and offers valuable case studies from other retailers to help sell more wine.
Accolade Wines, the UK’s number one wine company, has introduced a new spirit and wine fusion under the umbrella of the nation’s top three wine brand, Echo Falls.
The addition of Echo Falls White Wine and Coconut Rum Fusion into its best-selling fruit fusions range is in response to consumer demand for flavoured rum which is growing at 8.7% YoY (Nielsen). The flavour is created by blending Echo Falls’ highly popular white wine with a rum infusion and sweet coconut and pineapple flavours, with an ABV of 9%.
Following the successful launch of Echo Falls Rosé Wine and Gin Fusion earlier this year, the brand has listened to shoppers and added to its wine and spirits fusion portfolio, to provide consumers with a new product offering.
The new product will target Echo Falls’ two key target audiences. ‘The Jugglers’ are females over 30 who, as they are busy juggling work and family life, are likely to choose a brand name that they are already familiar with and that they know they can trust to deliver a high quality product.
‘The Experiencers’ are primarily are under 30 and value new and exciting products. They are more impulsive and will pay a premium for such products.
David White, Marketing Director at Accolade Wines, says “Echo Falls is once again bringing a refreshing and innovative flavour experience to the market, with strong consumer appeal and a new and exciting sales opportunity for the trade ahead of the summer. This is a unique product for people who like the idea of wine but prefer a sweeter style and easy drinking experience.’’
As the warmer weather arrives, drinks for the chiller are essential as most convenience purchases are consumed imminently.
“We recommend that retailers stock up on these new trend-led products such as Echo Falls White Wine and Coconut Rum Fusion, along with Echo Falls Rosé Wine and Gin Fusion, as they are perfect for encouraging impulse or convenience purchase from consumers who will drink soon after buying,” adds White.
Echo Falls White Wine and Coconut Rum 75cl will be sold at an RRP of £6.
Californian wine brand has Barefoot attended its first music festival of 2019 to support the launch of Barefoot 250ml cans.
A Barefoot Bus joined in the fun and celebrations at Mighty Hoopla in Brockwell Park in London on Saturday 8th June, offering festival goers the opportunity to try the new canned wine and the other 750ml varietals.
Barefoot Wine is encouraging the nation to brighten someone’s day through compliments as part of the ‘Power of Compliments’ campaign. Festival goers were invited to post a compliment to a friend in a giant Pink Pinot Grigio bottle-shaped letter box. Compliments were then posted to their recipients by Barefoot wine.
Barefoot Pinot Grigio and White Zinfandel 250ml cans and 750ml bottles were available at the festival to celebrate the start of Pride month.
Barefoot Pinot Grigio and White Zinfandel 250ml cans are available nationwide, RRP £2.50.
Zero alcohol
Martini has announced the launch of Martini 0.0% Dolce, a brand new zero alcohol drink, perfect for those choosing to moderate their alcohol consumption.
This bold new tipple from the world’s number one Italian sparkling wine brand is an ideal beverage for those wanting to celebrate with friends, without compromising on the taste or excitement that comes hand in hand with bubbles.
The pioneer of Spumante, with over 150 years of expertise, Martini bring its reputation and knowledge to the zero alcohol category to cater to the low/no trend that’s sweeping the UK. With nearly half of regular wine drinkers in Britain claiming to be actively moderating their alcohol consumption, Martini 0.0% Dolce is poised to satisfy this market demand.
Lovingly crafted in the sun-drenched hillsides of Northern Italy using the finest Italian grapes, the Martini 0.0% Dolce provides consumers with an all-natural, alcohol free sparkling beverage that still retains the same great flavour that’s in its award-winning sparkling wine. The result is a light, sweet, delicate fruity taste, with hints of apple and pear – perfect for catching up with friends over dinner or enjoying the summer sunshine.
Marco Mazzini, Global Director of Martini Sparkling Wines at Bacardi, commented: “We are very excited to launch Martini 0.0% Dolce to British consumers. All our efforts have been focused into the taste of the product, as many people love the refreshing flavours that our sparkling wine portfolio bring to the table. All the skills of Martini winemakers were harnessed to produce the very best grapes from Northern Italy’s premium wine growing regions to produce the Martini 0.0% Dolce. With the low/no trend reaching new heights, it caters to those who are looking into moderating their alcohol consumption – without compromising on taste.”
The Martini 0.0% Dolce is available for £6.00.
Martini has also launched Martini Asti Ice, a unique take on the original Asti, formulated specifically to be served over ice.
An exclusive twist on the brand’s original Asti blend, the Martini Asti Ice retains all the freshness of the signature muscat grapes as well as the unmistakable sweet and light fruity notes that the original bears. With its stylish new bottle, the naturally sweet tasting Asti profile is enhanced when poured over ice, enriching the drinking experience.
Bursting with flavours of fresh pear and pineapple, with notes of grape, melon and peach, the Martini Asti Ice is set to be the must-have sparkling wine this summer.
Marco Mazzini, Global Director of Martini Sparkling Wines at Bacardi, commented: “Martini Asti, which represents nearly 50% of the Asti category, is often associated with winter get togethers such as Christmas and New Year. The winemakers at Martini wanted to open up the category, giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy a delightful summer treat during informal occasions with friends and family. We hope that the Martini Asti Ice will appeal to a wide range of adults all across the UK in the summer months and beyond.”
Martini has been at the forefront of Spumante production for over 150 years. Based in the heart of the Asti region, the brand quickly became a pioneer for this light, fresh style of wine with its innovative approach eventually leading to the creation of new styles, such as the new Asti Ice.
Created in the sun-drenched hills of Piedmont, the home of Martini, the Asti Ice’s D.O.C.G. designation indicates the highest level of quality in Italian wine. The Asti Ice, whilst using the same Moscato Bianco grape must, is fermented for longer so that it flawlessly complements the ice.
Martini Asti Ice is available now for £9.00.