Perfetti van Melle is set for its first new product launch of the year, with a brand-new range of Mentos mints in May – Chewy & Fresh.

Debuting ahead of the summer refreshment sales spike, Perfetti van Melle (PVM) is particularly looking to attract the on-the-go consumers, with a handy resealable bottle.

Unlike the traditional Mentos mints, the 90 candy pieces bottle are more compact, and will come in the popular Peppermint and Lemon Mint flavours.

Mark Roberts, trade marketing manager at PVM, said: “Refreshment is under pressure to stand up against traditional sugar confectionery – the category needs some excitement injected back into it. At PVM we’re actively driving this through a raft of new innovation across our brand portfolio.

“Mentos Chewy & Fresh is the first bite-size chewy mint, great for on-the-go and creating fresh connections.”

The launch will be supported by social media activity, engaging a younger audience.