A development project that was two years in the planning has come to fruition in Guildford with the launch of Guild Foods Market.
Independent retailer Mayank Shah, a Nisa partner, has created what he believes is a whole new take on the convenience retail sector bringing together a huge range of specialist and local foods to the store.
The shop, previously known as Falcon Garage, has almost tripled in size and now has a very different look and feel.
The development of the store has seen investment in under shelf lighting and a shelf management system that always ensures highest instore presentation throughout the day.
A specialist standalone vaping shop, an independent florist concession and a health food section focusing on whole foods and proteins have been introduced and a kitchen installed where shoppers can purchase a huge range of freshly prepared foods and snacks including smoothies, hot sandwiches and more.
Business development manager at Guild Foods Market, Gary Kemp said: “We are giving customers a fantastic choice. Shoppers can buy their everyday brands here at their usual competitive prices or they can choose from a multitude of specialist brands which are typically hard to find in the market.
“This is a new take on convenience retailing – it’s about bringing together mainstream convenience and more specialist products to provide our shoppers with a very different experience.”