Chilled dairy manufacturer, Lactalis Nestlé, has expanded its Munch Bunch Squashums Huge Tubes range with the addition of a new banana and raspberry SKU.

With the new Huge Tubes SKU set to strengthen the existing range, the introduction of a new flavour variant responds to growing interest in banana-flavoured chilled dairy across the adult and children’s categories.

Made from all natural ingredients and fruit puree, Huge Tubes contain 50 per cent more fromage frais than existing handheld fromage frais tubes on the market. The transparent tube also has twofold benefits – less wastage as children can see how much fromage frais remains in the tube and less subsequent mess from leftover product leaking into their lunchbox.

The handy on-the-go format of the Huge Tubes packaging features the same well-known cast of fruit characters as the rest of the Squashums range, aiming to fuel young imaginations whilst reflecting the range of flavours: banana, raspberry and strawberry.

Paul Wiseman, Senior Brand Manager at Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy, explains: “We’ve been delighted by the consumer and trade response to our launch of Squashums Huge Tubes. We want to ensure our products continue to meet the needs of kids of all ages and so we’re always looking to innovate the range with exciting new flavour combinations.

“The launch of Huge Tubes Banana & Raspberry is the next logical step in our expansion of Squashums Huge Tubes, bringing a great tasting new banana flavour to the market, made with all natural ingredients.”

The launch of Huge Tubes Banana & Raspberry closely follows the February launch of the Munch Bunch Double Up Strawberry & Peach limited edition pack.

Huge Tubes Banana & Raspberry (6x60g) has a manufacturer’s recommended selling price of £2.15