Mr Lee’s Noodles Company arrives on the scene


MR LEE'S Noodles Company – a new 'better for you' snack brand – has been announced as a finalist of the Health & Vitality 2017 Awards for their innovative Cup Noodles product.


The brand's products are termed gourmet, gluten-free noodles in a cup. With a diverse range of six authentic, oriental inspired flavours, the company promises a healthy, guilt-free alternative to existing instant cup noodles. Flavours include: Hong Kong Street Beef, Tai Chi Chicken, Penang Chicken Curry Laksa, Warrior Fighting Shrimp, Shaolin Monk Vegetables and Dragon Fire Mushroom.


The company uniquely uses freeze-dried ingredients and naturally gluten-free rice noodles to create their products. All noodles are certified gluten-free by Coeliac UK and low in added sugar by Sugarwise.


They are also one of the lowest instant noodles in salt, sugars, fats (saturated) and calories with no artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives, additives or msg’s. This offering suits time poor parents and professionals, those concerned with health, such as elderly people and the gluten-free community, among others.


The noodles retail price is £17.94 per 6 pack and they are available on Amazon, through the website and at variety of hotels and boutique shops across the UK, Germany and Denmark.


For more info and retail enquiries email: [email protected]