MPs debate retail crime prevention on final day of current parliament

retail crime
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The final working day of the current parliament has seen MPs discussing retail crime prevention in a Westminster Hall debate.

Moving the motion, David Hanson, Labour MP for Delyn, said the issue is “still an important one that the House needs to consider.”

The parliament will be dissolved tomorrow (6 November), paving way for the general election on 12 December.

Hanson asked the government to respond to the call for evidence on violence and abuse toward shop workers.

“The previous Minister promised to respond to that evidence in the course of November. It is now November, so I wanted to put that on the record and get some feedback from the current Minister as to where we are with that action,” he said.

Hanson has tabled an amendment to the Offensive Weapons Bill brought forward by the Theresa May government, which he withdrew after the then Crime Minister Victoria Atkins agreed to undertake a review of attacks on shop workers.

The call for evidence on violence towards shop staff closed in June and received over 800 responses from individual shop workers, small shopkeepers, unions and business organisations.

Hanson has also asked the government to review the £200 shoplifting threshold. He also sought a review to look at the number and type of organised criminal gang attacks on shops.

Earlier, the Association of Convenience Stores has written to Crime Minister Kit Malthouse demanding a response to the call for evidence and a meeting of the National Retail Crime Steering Group.