With consumers still wanting to eat breakfast but being pressed for time, indies can win with a tempting display of cereal and cereal bars.

The breakfast market is significant, with 64% agreeing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to Engage Research.
Cereals are eaten by nine out of 10 consumers, with almost every household stocking at least one cereal. Cereal bars have extended the versatility of the category and allow consumers to get their cereal fix while on the move.
Shoppers want convenient, healthier ways to eat on the go. Cereal bars and healthier biscuits fulfil this need, with the cereal bars & healthier biscuits category worth £583 million and seeing strong growth (Nielsen). One particular driver of this is the morning fuel category trend.
Thanks to our hectic lifestyles, more and more of us are eating our first meal of the day out-of-home. Retailers are therefore encouraged to stock up on single snacking options and products that can replace the traditional cereal and toast.
General Mills’ owned brand Nature Valley is the #1 cereal bar in the UK market [number 2 brand in the healthier biscuits and bars category] and has seen exponential growth this year, +19.5% vs LY. The Crunchy variant is packed full of wholegrain oats, making it ideal for breakfast or mid-morning.
Last summer General Mills further developed its offering with the launch of Nature Valley Nut Butter biscuits in two delicious flavours, peanut and almond. These crunchy biscuits are made with 100% wholegrain oats and filled with real peanut or almond butter, tapping into the trend for real nut butters.
“Shoppers have a massive appetite for snack bars that not only offer great taste, but also strong nutritional credentials that meet their lifestyle and wellness needs,” comments Kat Jones, Marketing Manager, Ice Cream & Snacking at General Mills. “We’ve therefore seen great success with our Nature Valley cereal bars and Nut Butter biscuits.”
Nature Valley Protein cereal bars contain 10g of protein per bar and are gluten-free – ticking two major boxes for shoppers looking for better-for-you, functional options when hunger strikes. The bar offers 20% of consumers’ daily protein needs, without compromising on taste.
Healthy biscuit
belVita Breakfast is the UK’s number one healthy biscuit (Nielsen) and the only breakfast biscuit with proven slow release carbohydrates.
The belVita concept was founded on the insight that one in three people in the UK skip breakfast during the working week and the main reason for this is lack of time. As such, breakfast biscuits tap into the consumer need for a convenient and nutritious breakfast that slots into their busy daily lives. The UK breakfast biscuit market is now worth a significant £79.3m (Nielsen); belVita commands a majority share of the market and is worth £73.3m (Nielsen) – proof that offering a solution to meet a consumer need is a great opportunity to drive incremental value into the category.
“With one of the highest repeat rates in the entire biscuits category at 60%, belVIta has continued to lead the wellbeing and breakfast biscuit segments, through continued investment in new products and large-scale marketing campaigns,” commented Susan Nash, Trade Communications Manager at Mondelēz International. “Each new product has a distinct purpose to bring new consumers to the belVita brand through different tastes and textures.”
2018 saw the launch of belVita Breakfast Soft Bakes Blueberry, which offers an injection of taste from one of the UK’s most popular ‘superfood’ flavours – teaming soft and chewy baked biscuit, made from five of the finest wholegrains, with blueberries.
Since the end of the summer, belVita has helped retailers drive sales with advice and POS material. As part of its ‘Have you had your breakfast’ campaign, the brand has offered dispenser units that attach to retailers coffee machines, alongside eye catching posters, to help them make the most of the cross-selling opportunity. Research has proven that sales of belVita increased as much as 63% when these POS were displayed in store. They are available for to order on www.deliciousdisplay.co.uk.
To help define and segment your main fixture and highlight a ‘breakfast biscuit’ section, Mondelēz offer shelf strips, available to order on www.deliciousdisplay.co.uk.
For on-the-go biscuits Mondelēz recommends having a range near other on-the-go offers in your store, ideally located in a highly visible area; shoppers are often in a rush and need product to stand out at them.
Mondelēz is helping retailers drive biscuit sales by offering advice and POS on Delicious Display. For example, belVita’s ‘Have you had your breakfast’ campaign offers downloadable belVita posters and a POS unit, which attaches to coffee machines, to help retailers make the most of the cross-selling opportunity. Retailers should visit the site to access the order form at www.delicousdisplay.co.uk.
New SKUs
Kellogg’s is bolstering its W.K.Kellogg range of No Added Sugar granolas in early 2019 by adding three more SKUs to the line-up.
A new fruit and vegetable granola will join the range; No Added Sugar Apple Raspberry & Carrot, along with a new No Added Sugar Cocoa and Hazelnut granola.
Tapping into the habits of shoppers keen to customise and add their own toppings to their breakfast cereals, a plain No Added Sugar Simply Granola will be offered at the lower price point of £3.49 for 570g vs £3.79 for the rest of range.
No Added Sugar Granolas are unique to W.K.Kellogg and helped secure the brand a value of £4.2 million in market, within nine months of launching earlier this year (IRI).
The W.K.Kellogg range is completely vegan and contains no artificial colours or flavours.
Changes to the W.K.Kellogg range are being supported by digital and in-store promotions in early 2019.
TV ads will follow later in the year with further developments for NPD underway, including small W.K.Kellogg single-serve pouches.