Halloween season, worth an estimated £1.2 billion with the confectionery category taking up around 29 percent of that, offers a spectacular opportunity to retailers. Mondelēz International, a leading player in the Halloween market, has expanded its self-treat range this season to help drive impulse sales with exciting new products.

Mondelēz has a range that meets each Halloween occasion, whether it is self-treat, trick or treat, Halloween parties or a big night in. New for Halloween 2018 are Cadbury Goo Heads, available in creepy skeleton, pumpkin, Frankenstein, Dracula or were-wolf variants.

Each gruesome head is filled with gooey white fondant encased in a delicious Cadbury chocolate shell. Available individually or in a pack of five, offering value and convenience to customers, the product is great for on the go and for Halloween parties too.

cadburyGoo Heads are also being joined by Cadbury Goo Head Minis, which include a selection of individually wrapped, mini skeleton, pumpkin, Frankenstein, Dracula or were-wolf heads filled with gooey fondant – ideal for sharing. Plus, 2017 NPD, Maynards Bassetts Creepy Chews, is returning for another season. Each chew is individually wrapped, with a devilishly delicious soft-filled centre in either orange or strawberry.

Last year, self-treat within Mondelēz’s range sold 1.4m units while its trick or treat-size range was worth over £5 million.

The company asked retailers to create a spooky-theatre with eye-catching and impactful POS, encouraging customers to be playful and driving impulse sales. It also advised to take advantage of the Halloween sharing occasion by placing sharing bags in hotspots across their store.