SHS Drinks is aiming to add a further dimension to its Merrydown heritage cider brand and provide a boost for the impulse sector’s £75 million1 glass bottled cider category with the spring launch of a new lighter, lower strength, lower-calorie Crisp Apple Cider variant.

The new addition, Merrydown Crisp Apple Cider has an ABV of 5.5%, 30% fewer calories, no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar as it is sweetened naturally with apple juice – a combination which gives it a drier, lighter flavour profile. Available now, the new SKU is designed to tap into the moderation/healthier living trend,

In addition, SHS Drinks has refreshed its flagship 7.5% ABV Merrydown Vintage Medium Cider renaming it as Merrydown Original Vintage Apple Cider and taking the opportunity to introduce a new bottle design to align it with the appearance of the new Merrydown Crisp Apple packaging.

There is no change to the recipe or ABV of Merrydown Original Vintage Apple Cider, which will continue to be packaged in a 750ml sharing bottle, which gives it a point of difference over most other bottled ciders which are sold in 500ml bottles, but a change to the shape of the bottle will give it more wine cues and both of the Merrydown ciders will feature fresh new label designs which reflect the hand-crafted tradition and heritage of the Merrydown brand.

  • Both Merrydown 750ml sharing bottles have an RRP of £2.49 and are available in 6 and 12-bottle shrink-wrapped trays. Both lines will also be supported by in-store promotional deals to drive trial and repeat purchase.

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