Mentos brings back ‘Say Hello’ campaign and limited edition candies

Mentos has announced the return of its hugely successful ‘Say Hello’ campaign for 2018, along with a limited edition run of singles packs, featuring  brand’s bespoke ‘emoticons’.

“Mentos is a top ten confectionery brand in the UK and we pride ourselves on bringing people together. Last year’s campaign proved a huge success, so it was a no brainer to bring it back for 2018, this time centred on language we all use – emoticons,” said Mark Roberts, Trade Marketing Manager UK, Perfetti Van Melle.

Rather than use the emojis online, Mentos is encouraging people to step away from their smartphones and share them in the real world. The brand has designed 22 of its own quirky characters, which are waiting to be discovered inside each special pack, enticing shoppers to make repeat purchases.

Mentos brings back ‘Say Hello’ campaign and limited edition candies“Our supporting £2.5m media campaign, which includes widespread advertising and POS, will ensure we maximise our reach and get the nation sharing Mentos,” added Roberts.

The limited edition candies will be featured in the best-selling Mentos mint and fruit single rolls, along with multipacks and will arrive in the UK from August.