Major drop in crime at Central England Co-op stores following new security measures

Photo: iStock

Rollout of new security measures at Central England Co-op stores has resulted in a major drop in crime, figures show.

Burglaries have dropped by six percent and robberies by 30 percent since the retailer rolled out a string of new measures aimed at reducing crime last year.

“We are so proud to have recorded big drops in the levels of burglaries and robberies at our stores following the successful rollout of a range of new measures last year to combat the problem,” said Craig Goldie, loss prevention advisor at Central England Co-op.

The retailer fitted external motion detectors at stores and installed a centrally monitored CCTV system which allows colleagues to call for assistance at the touch of a button, alongside a range of other measures such as product GPS trackers, additional ATM anchors, gas suppression systems and stringent cash controls.

“All of these measures have, as the figures show, already started to deter criminals and, most importantly, ensure our colleagues and customers feel safe. But we will continue to constantly assess these problems to ensure that incidents continue to fall and that our stores are safe places to work and shop,” Goldie added.

Central England Co-op stores now all have full CCTV coverage, increased security guard provision and a central monitoring system that allows colleagues to press a button to alert a special control room who will then be able to watch what is happening on CCTV and call for immediate assistance from the emergency services if required.

They also have external motion sensors installed outside of food stores which can be activated outside of trading hours. When activated they will switch on CCTV cameras to record any out of hours activity and contact police if needed.