LINK launches website to process requests for free ATMs

Photo: iStock

LINK said it has received over 100 requests in a month from communities for new free-to-use ATMs.

The cash machine operator has launched a new website to meet the demand from across the country.

LINK has set up a Community Access to Cash Delivery Fund to serve areas with poor cash access.

Local communities can apply through their MP, local council, or request help directly from LINK for support.

LINK will fund the new ATM directly if the application meets the criteria which includes distance to nearest free ATM, availability of a Post Office, site security and that there is a suitable host location.

“Many of the applications show there are locations around the country where there is a cash access problem. We’ve already visited 10 of these locations and will be working hard to listen to every community that has got in touch,” said John Howells, chief executive.

LINK also announced 11 new ATMs as part of a pilot scheme of a funding plan it announced in August.

The plan aims to protect free to use ATMs in every high street in the country with the support of LINK’s bank and building society members.

LINK has also directly commissioned three new ATMs in the past couple of weeks.