Latest News From The Casino Industry


In the iGaming industry, huge events can take the world by surprise, and more often than not that is exactly what happens. Due to the nature of the industry, there are many regulations that are still new to both the operators and the players. So, getting adjusted to the ever-changing rules can be a bit challenging.

The proof that this industry is still in its conception and there are many more steps ahead towards resolving all the issues has been the second half of October. Here we will go over some of the greatest events in the gambling and casino industry that had unravelled in the past two weeks.

DraftKings Receive a 5,000$ Fine

The Boston-based entertainment company, DraftKings, has been fined with $5,000 for a violation in regards to the state’s self-exclusion list. Apparently, the company didn’t download the updated list within the agreed period. The violation occurred in connection to their fantasy sports operations, while their sportsbook remained unfined.

According to different sources, DraftKings failed to upload the updated list which was sent on the 26th of December.

Although this can seem like a mere nuisance in the world of the iGaming industry, events like these could cause great damage to the Gambling and casino industry in some countries. Therefore all operators are required to follow the regulations completely.

UK Sportsbetting Giant Recovers After A Bad Summer

William Hill has released a financial update for the third quarter of 2020, and it is more promising than the coronavirus-impacted summer period. The rapid recovery of William Hill’s land-based venues has brought a huge relief in the gaming industry of the United Kingdom. However, according to Ulrik Bengtsson, the Chief Executive Officer for William Hill, their online business has had a steady and favourable performance.

This means that players don’t need to worry about the future of their online games and gambling industry since better times are coming. The promising UK casino deposit bonus and are just some of the proofs of that.

Pennsylvania Welcomes Live Dealers

Online games in Pennsylvania are in for a huge change. DraftKings and BetRivers have introduced live table game dealers for their players on interactive platforms in Pennsylvania. The trial period for this novelty was two days.

The players will be able to enjoy the experience of live dealing, without leaving their homes. Moreover, this way of playing gives the player more trust in the authenticity of the game.

After being approved to operate live dealing with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, both BetRivers and DraftKings had their trial run. The online games that the players could enjoy with a live dealer were blackjack and roulette, All it remains now if for the gaming regulator to approve live dealers for good.

Australian Operators Could Be In Trouble

While Australians await the new bill to be introduced, there is a growing worry among the local operators that they would be put in a position to repay the stolen money that was used for gambling through their operations.

After the bill has been backed by Andrew Wilkie, this possibility is quickly becoming a reality for all operators in Australia. Putting it simply, if the federal court in Australia finds that the money used for gambling is a product of criminal activity then the operator is obligated to return the same amount. The payments made by the operator would be then given to the victims of the crime.

This is a significant step towards more responsible operators worldwide. After this bill has passed, operators in Australia will be more inclined to report to the authorities if they suspect someone is using illegally obtained money.

Philippines To Get Online Gaming

The regulators in the Philippines are now in the process of considering the option for land-based casinos to include online gaming in their offer.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is reviewing the proposal made by a group of anonymous licenced commercial casinos. The Manila-based casinos would attract more players than ever before, and it would mean a huge step in the right direction for the local authorities.

The united casinos who decided to make the proposal to the state-run regulating body was heavily hit by the pandemic, and their only resource was offering online gaming as an alternative.

If accepted, this proposal could mean a bright future for the gambling industry in the Philippines, since the losses of land-based casinos could be made up by online operations. Up until now, no casino in the Philippines has had this permit before.


2020 was a turning point in the gambling and casino industry and with each passing month, we see new hints towards an even more dynamic 2021. With a huge number of countries worldwide that are only now beginning to deal with the issue of legislation, we can expect important events ahead.

From the ban on credit cards for gambling purposes in the UK to the German offering of sports betting licences, 2020 has already proven to be an exciting year. All it remains is to see whether the two remaining months will bring us some even bigger surprises in the world of iGaming.