Knorr food report

Unilever brand Knorr has joined forces with conservation organisation WWF-UK to launch a report that compiles 50 nutritious foods that are better for health and for the planet.

“Unless we change the foods we eat and the way we grow them, it will be challenging to have enough food to feed us all well,” said April Redmond, Knorr Global Vice President.

“Our ambition is to make it easier for people to eat a wider variety of foods that are good for us, good for the planet, and of course delicious at the same time.”

The report features 50 nutritious plant-based ingredients – some familiar ingredients, such as lentils, wild rice and kale, with less well-known foods like fonio, pumpkin flowers and cactus – all selected based on their nutritional value and relative impact on the environment.

“Many of these have higher yields than the crops we currently rely on and several are tolerant of challenging weather and environmental conditions, meaning they could not only reduce the land required for crops, but also prove invaluable in the face of growing climate uncertainty,” said WWF-UK in a statement.

Knorr plans to make these foods more accessible for audiences all over the world through its products, promotions and programmes. The brand said it is working with leading retailers to ensure that a wider variety of plant-based foods are made available.

Knorr chefs have created recipes with each of the 50 ingredients which will be shared online and in stores globally.

Currently 75 percent of the world’s food comes from just 12 plant and five animal species. It is estimated that there will be 10 billion mouths to feed by 2050.