KeyStore launches fruit loyalty scheme for kids


Convenience store chain KeyStore has launched a new loyalty scheme for kids in association with the Scottish Grocers’ Federation’s Healthy Living Programme.

The Welby Fruit Loyalty Club encourages children to make a healthier choice when it comes to snacking, and retailers to place more emphasis on fruit and veg in their stores.

The schemes incentivises kids to choose a banana, apple, orange or pear instead of confectionery by giving them a loyalty card that is stamped each time they buy a piece of fruit. The fifth piece of fruit will be free of charge.

The official launch of the scheme, which is being trialled in 12 KeyStore outlets across Inverclyde and Renfrewshire, was held at KeyStore More in Cowal View, Gourock in the presence of local kids and teachers.

“It was a brilliant afternoon and the kids were really excited and engaged with the whole thing,” said AJ Benning, store owner.

“I’m finding in this area that parents want to see their kids make healthier choices and I’ve noticed that a lot of them will choose fruit instead of sweets which makes the Welby scheme perfect for this store.”

Under the Welby scheme, Benning is currently charging 35p for a piece of fruit.

“I’ll see how it goes over the coming weeks and might develop it in the future by increasing the cost of an individual piece of fruit to 45p but offer a ‘3 for £1’ incentive,” he said.

“We already had a Healthy Living Programme stand in the store which has helped boost sales of fruit and veg so the new scheme will help us persuade the consumers of tomorrow that choosing healthier products is the way to go.”

Gillian Edgar, field manager for the Healthy Living Programme, said they aim to roll out the initiative to other fascias in due course.

“By making something like this fun for the kids – the scheme is largely targeted at them but also open to everyone else – we are confident that it will encourage increased uptake of fruit in communities across Scotland.”