JJ Foodservice launches local alternative to Halloumi


As the supplies of Halloumi run low, JJ Foodservice has launched a UK-made alternative to the Cypriot cheese.

The Cyprus Style Cheese (CHI181) is available in ample supply, and cheaper than supermarket Halloumi, the wholesaler said.

“Our Cyprus Style cheese is made with high-quality cow’s milk from a local supplier – it’s better for the UK economy, better for the environment and is less expensive than supermarket alternatives,” said Sezer Ozkul, chief products officer for JJ Foodservice.

Cypriot farmers have been struggling to meet demand following an increase from other countries including China, resulting in UK shortages and price hikes.

JJ’s Cyprus Style Cheese is currently on offer from £5.99/5x200g for those who pay online by card, costing just £1.20 per pack. The cheese retails at up to £3.19 per pack in supermarkets, the wholesaler noted.