Cigarette smoking is dying out and across the UK revenues for retailers are plummeting. Ever-increasing taxes and regulations around tobacco products also harm the market long-term – and so do the smuggling and fraud that linger on behind.

Vaping, on the other hand, is endorsed by Public Health England as being 95% less harmful than cigarettes – and three times more likely to enable smokers to quit tobacco than patches and other aids. It is a fresh new industry with great margins and the opportunity of the decade for retailers to breathe new life into their gantry sales.

As retailers, it’s time to get out of smoking and get into vaping.


The Vape Business Conference 2019 is your opportunity to climb aboard the vape train and learn from industry-leading experts how to capitalize on the huge change that is taking place in consumer habits.

The vaping industry fast-growing and fast-changing, so your success depends on understanding the market – knowing what products to stock, where to source them and how to sell them.

Join us at Vape_Business_2019 in Central London on July 3 – if you are a retailer or wholesaler, it’s absolutely free! – and hear from producers and suppliers, wholesalers, specialist sellers and Convenience retailers, who will all share their experience, technical knowledge and insights.

With industry-leading speakers and expert panels on marketing and products, getting the best margins and mapping the future, Vape Business 2019 will transform the look, feel and profit of your tobacco-related sales.

And with over 90,000 people every year dying from tobacco-related diseases, it is your chance to make the UK switch to vape and help save a million lives over the next decade.

As a retailer, if you like smoking, you’ll love vaping!

The Vape Business Conference 2019 is our gift to you – and if you come to the conference you are welcome to stay for the evening awards and sumptuous Indian banquet, all for free!