Halls unveils new look and new PMP range

Halls will unveil a new look, plus new price-marked packs, ahead of this winter season.

Available from October, the new designs will champion the different roles of both the Mentholyptus and Soothers products to help educate consumers on the different functions of relief candy.

The Halls Soothers design will showcase the texture of the sweets and its real fruit juice centre, to emphasise the gentle “soothing” benefit of Soothers. Whereas the design for the Mentholyptus range displays the “clearing menthol action” benefit through the dialled-up relief cue on the pack.

The modern and impactful new designs have been developed to achieve a stronger stand-out on shelf, while ensuring better consistency across the Halls and Halls Soothers ranges, said the brand in a statement.

Halls price marked packs have already been available to order since August 13.

Consumers will also be educated on the range qualities in a new above the line digital out of home advertising campaign in December which will target high footfall locations in close proximity to stores.

Amy Lucas, brand manager for Halls, said: “We know that our new designs will stand out on the counter, and that the consumer will have confidence identifying which Halls sub-range will best fit their needs throughout the winter season.

“With total Halls being the number one Relief Candy brand in the UK, and Halls Soothers seeing a double-digit growth (11.6%) during last cold and flu season, we believe that the new look and the PMPs, combined with a nationwide OOH campaign close to stores, will provide a real opportunity to inspire purchases and help retailers drive relief candy sales.”