GroceryAid introduces trauma support service

Photo: iStock

GroceryAid has introduced a Workplace Critical Incident Support Service to help grocery staff deal with the trauma of witnessing or being involved in a critical incident in the workplace.

The service will see a team of professional counsellors making an onsite visit to offices, factories or stores following incidents such as accidents at work, death of a colleague, medical emergencies, robberies with a threat to life, vehicle crashes and violent attacks.

“Although different in their nature, these events all tend to happen out of the blue, be life–threatening and leave people feeling out of control and potentially unable to cope with the complicated emotions that they trigger,” the charity noted in a statement.

Workplace Critical Incident Support triggers when an accident, robbery or assault has occurred in the workplace resulting in a critical injury.

An employer, witness or victim can contact GroceryAid via the free, confidential helpline. An initial assessment will be made and if a site visit is required, the case will be handed directly to the service provider CiC.

CiC will carry out a full assessment of the situation and if onsite support is the best solution, timings will be agreed.

CiC professionals will attend site for half or a full day depending on the numbers of staff involved.  They may run group or one-to-one sessions on coping with trauma depending on the situation, providing practical advice and tools to help individuals manage their feelings and emotions.

Freephone Helpline: 08088 021 122