GP Batteries has a range of high-quality outdoor security lights with a battery life of nearly two years.

The motion-sensitive and cordless SafeGuard range are available now with a price range of £24.99 to £49.99.

This is the first time the updated range has been made available to the UK market.

Home protection is a key benefit, with over 35 million burglaries or thefts recorded in England and Wales in the 12 months to March this year.

Managing Director Gareth Wheller said: “The original SafeGuard was very popular, but some of the feedback was ‘I want a more powerful version to cover my whole yard,’ so we had another look at it.

“We’re very proud of SafeGuard. It’s market-leading in terms of quality and features, but also very attractive from a price perspective.

“As nights draw in attention turns to the outdoor security sector, and these new products are going to be a valuable new addition to the market.”