The remarkable growth of sparkling wine in the UK will continue as it steals market share from still wine, while gin will drive the entire spirits market, forecasts the latest market analysis from the IWSR Vinexpo Report 2012-2022.

Consumption of all sparkling wines, led by Prosecco, will climb from 14.4 million 9 litre cases in 2017 to 16.2 million by 2022. Imports of Prosecco will rise to 11.7 million cases by 2022 at the expense of Champagne, Cava and all still wine, the report forecasts.

English sparkling wine is forecast to add 100,000 cases to the market in that period.

The UK will remain the world’s second largest import market for still wine by 2022 behind Germany in first place. However consumption is forecast to drop from 114.2 million cases in 2017 to 100.9 million cases million cases in 2022.

The phenomenal rise of gin will see the sector grow by 12.8 percent to 8.5 million cases by 2022, a growth rate outstripping vodka (7.9 million cases) and Scotch Whisky (5.8 million cases).

UK spirits consumption overall will mark steady growth over the five-year period with US and Irish whiskey and tequila/mescal showing good progress, says the report.

Malt Scotch is forecast to show steady grow for consumers looking for provenance and heritage. Growth is likely at the top end in blends where producers are seeking to change perceptions that a single malt is better quality than a similar priced blend.

While the top two Scotch markets (France and the USA) are expected to contract by 2022, though this will be compensated by gains in other large Scotch markets, noticeably Brazil, Mexico, Russia and India.

Gin is forecast to continue to take share from vodka and to drive sales further through Pink Gin due to its flavours, making and stand out from a crowd of gins-and-tonic.

Other spirits categories with positive outlooks are Mezcal/Tequila, Brandy, Rum, with premium increasingly seen as a sipping spirit similar to single malt whisky, Liqueurs, and Vodka.