Food shop: Brits spend more in-store than online, survey shows

Photo; iStock

Every generation of Brits does more grocery shopping in-store than online, reveals a new consumer research by retail tech app Ubamarket.

On an average, shoppers spend and estimated £16 more in-store than they do online. Even millennials spend around 20 percent more in bricks and mortar stores, shows the survey.

However, the shoppers say their weekly food shop has gone up by more than £25 in just five years.

The average Brit estimates their weekly shop to cost £62.40, an increase of £25.10 since 2014. And, men show a propensity to splurge on these missions, with spending £8.30 more than women.

Millennials spend £7.90 less than the national average.

Brexit is a major worry for shoppers, as 60 percent believe Brexit will increase the price of food and produce in supermarkets. In particular, 57 percent believe leaving the EU will make European good considerably more expensive.

The research has also revealed the cities that spend the most on their weekly food shop. Brighton, with a £83.30 average weekly bill, turned out to be the most expensive weekly food shop.

Newcastle (£76.10), London (£74.60), Southampton (£65.70) and Belfast (£64.60) constitute the top five.

Will Broome, chief executive of Ubamarket said a number of factors could be behind the rise in spending.

“Inflationary increases over the past five years have contributed to part of the already existing price increase. However, the market for luxury goods has expanded rapidly in recent years, as well as free-from, vegetarian and vegan foods, which all are higher in price.”

Broome suggested supermarkets should be introducing e-receipts for in-store shoppers as well, making it easier for them to understand how much they are spending and which items are increasing or decreasing in price.