Source: angflor.co.uk

Agrial Fresh Produce, owner of the leading salad brand Florette, has announced the acquisition of Essex–based salad growing business Angflor, the joint venture it operated in partnership with Jepco.

The business will be renamed Agrial Fresh Farms and forms part of Agrial Fresh Produce’s strategy to establish fully owned growing operations in the UK.

“Establishing close links with agriculture is a key part of the Agrial model, as it enhances our product expertise and brings benefits to the supply chain. Taking sole ownership of the site and renaming it ‘Agrial Fresh Farms Ltd’, cements our position as an expert in salad growing in the UK,” said Doug Robertson, managing director of Agrial Fresh Produce.

Angflor, the UK’s largest, year-round protected cropping facility for leafy salads, boasts some of the best light levels in the country, enabling it to cultivate high quality salad leaves on a significant scale. Angflor produces baby leaf products such as lambs lettuce, which are key components of some of Florette’s most popular products.

Florette have sourced salad leaves from Angflor for a number of years. The acquisition from Jepco complements its network of both owned European growing operations, and UK and European farming partners.

“In the years we have been sourcing products from Angflor, the site has gone from strength to strength, expanding from 11 to 28 hectares of salad production capability, helping Agrial Fresh Produce to broaden supply channels and increase its ability to source key ingredients from the UK,” commented Robertson.