Energy costs and broadband issues top list of small firms gripes


ENERGY costs and access to broadband are among the most important issues faced by small businesses, a survey has found.

Eight of ten small businesses said rising fuel costs and problems with broadband access were major barriers to growth.

The survey, carried out by the Forum of Private Business, asked members to name the most important “infrastructure issues” they faced.

Energy issues and broadband access, seen as a particular problem in rural locations, were the two biggest bugbears.

Other small business infrastructure priorities were post office services (60%), mobile communications (59%), the motorway network (56%), the provision of skills training (46%), waste services and recycling (41%), e-communications (32%) and rail transport (23%).

Improving the UK’s transport network is extremely important but infrastructure is about more than just roads and railways – it is about creating a business environment and road map for growth that paves the way for small firms to be successful and create jobs,” Jane Bennett, the Forum’s head of campaigns, told Asian Trader.