Blackburn-based EG Group has further expanded their US footprints with the acquisition of Fastrac Markets branded convenience retail stores and gas stations. The purchase will take the EG Group in the US to a total of 1,042 stores, operating in 24 states.

Fastrac has a portfolio of 54 sites in New York State and employs over 500 staff. The deal also includes their wholesale fuel business.

Jay Erickson, President of EG America, said: “We are very impressed by the Fastrac operation, from their unbranded fuel procurement and transportation department to the well-developed signature pizza program offered. These stores are highly complementary to EG Group’s existing US operation and we are very fortunate to have Fastrac join our EG America family.”

In April of 2018, EG Group acquired a 762 site convenience store business in the US from Kroger Co and established their North American headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In December of 2018, EG Group expanded to 988 stores with the acquisition of the Minit Mart portfolio from Travel Centers of America and the opening of a new Turkey Hill location in Pennsylvania.

Zuber Issa, Founder and co-CEO, EG Group, said the group will “bullishly explore further real estate development prospects.” The group had made multiple land purchases in 2018 for new to industry stores.