Duerr’s has launched a new range of jams and marmalades featuring packaging designed by artists with a connection to Manchester, where Duerr’s, one of the oldest family-owned jam makers in England, has been perfecting its preserves since 1881.

‘‘We pride ourselves on making delicious jams and marmalades which are full of flavour, in the city we love. So, in celebration of Manchester’s vibrancy and creativity, we have collaborated with local artists on the development of our new packaging to introduce a standout range of preserves to shelves,” said Richard Duerr, sales and marketing director of F. Duerr & Sons.

The Artists Range includes four fruity jams and four zesty marmalades. The Seville Orange Marmalades pack plenty of flavour in Thick Cut (340g), Fine Cut (340g), Half Sugar (300g) and Manchester Marmalade (340g) variants.

Duerr’s new jams – all 340g – are available in Blueberry & Lime, Strawberry & Elderflower, Raspberry & Orange and Ginger & Honey variants.

“Our newly designed jars and unique flavour combinations provide us with a strong opportunity to increase sales across a broad age range with engaging and exciting products in what is typically a traditional category,” Duerr added.

The full Artists Range is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs, ensuring it caters to a wider consumer base. The Half Sugar and Fine Cut marmalades come with reduced sugar.

The launch of the Artists Range will be supported with an integrated marketing campaign, profiling various artists involved in the label design.