nisa dorset

Adam Vincent, an independent retailer in Dorset, is perfecting a winning formula that combines latest shopper trends and offering the widest range possible to attract new customers.

Company director at Dike and Son in Stalbridge, Vincent has recently increased the vegan food available in the 16,500 sq ft store and become the destination of choice for vegan shoppers in the area.

Vincent said: “Being an independent retailer, it is really important to us that we offer a point of difference and give shoppers a reason to come here and keep coming back.

“Veganism is a growing trend and we have found that shoppers buying vegan products are keen to try new products and they are also not deterred by price point and so we can stock and sell higher end products.”

A full end bay chiller has been dedicated to vegan products offering everything needed for those following a specialist diet.

Products include a broad range of chilled pre-prepared meals along with a selection of tofu and soya-based products as well as many favourite brands including Quorn, Cauldron and Artisan.

Andy Dike, managing director, said that finding a point of difference and having the flexibility to respond quickly to customer demand is a must for the success of independent retailers.

“We have some very loyal customers,but they are largely from the older generation so for us it is key to keep innovating and finding new ways to encourage shoppers to come and shop with us.”