Dexters secures new product listings in Bestway, Parfetts


Confectionery manufacturer Kervan Gida has announced new product listings for its popular brand Dexters in Bestway Wholesale and AG Parfetts & Sons.

Already available to purchase in wholesale depots, the new products from Dexters available include: Micro Chews, Sour Splodgers, Candy Necklaces, Candy Watches and Individually wrapped Tiger Tongues

Kervan Gida is also seeing huge growth in distribution in its Bebeto 50p range within the Bestway Van operation. The van sales business serves more than 20,000 retail customers with a fleet of 180 vans, and Kervan Gida has sold more than 300,000 bags of Bebeto’s 50p range as a result.

“We are delighted to add Bestway Wholesale and AG Parfetts & Sons to the ever-growing list of wholesalers now stocking Bebeto and Dexters products,” commented Stuart Johnston, managing director of Kervan Gida.

“We’re delighted with Dexters’ and Bebeto’s strong performance in the UK and these new listings will further enhance its appeal to wholesalers looking for a reliable, attractive product with real shelf appeal.”