Customer dons a ‘farcical’ disguise in botched bid to rob his local store


A KNIFE-wielding raider was captured after an alert store owner realised he was a regular customer wearing a ‘farcical’ disguise.

Unemployed Scott McMillan, 26, burst into Eldho Vattakkattiel’s shop with a nylon stocking over his face and demanded cash from the till.

But the trader could tell straight away it was McMillan and thought it was a prank.

Advocate Stephen O’Rourke told Edinburgh High Court: "The victim recognised the accused as a regular customer at the shop and therefore initially thought it was a joke.”

It was only after McMillan pulled a large knife out of his clothing and threatened to stab the shopkeeper that Mr Vattakkattiel realised it was a robbery, the court heard.
Defence lawyer Jack Brown told the court that the accused, who escaped with £295, had previous convictions for robbery and assault.

He had been on a two day drink and drugs bender and could not remember anything about the raid.

He said McMillan was genuinely ashamed for what he had done and that his botched attempt to conceal his identity had been “farcical.”

McMillan, who is from Dundee, pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Vattakkattiel on January 29 this year at Rachu’s shop in Dundee’s Victoria Road.

The court heard how Mr Vattakkattiel ran after the robber but was forced to give up after being threatened with the knife in the street.

When officers raided McMillan’s flat they discovered the weapon and stocking mask – but not the money he had stolen.

Deferring sentence until background reports had been compiled, the judge said the defendant had previously received a five year prison sentence for robbery and assault in 2009, and added: "You have now pleaded guilty to an armed robbery involving the use of a knife as shown on the DVD footage."