Crimestoppers and ACS renew partnership

The Association of Convenience Stores has reaffirmed its commitment to keeping staff and customers safe in local shops with the renewal of its partnership with crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers.

Crimestoppers and ACS have been in partnership since 2010, and have worked to raise awareness of crimes against local stores, while also offering rewards for serious crimes that have been committed in shops within local communities.

ACS’s 2017 Crime Report revealed that £232m was lost to crime last year and there were 9,400 incidents of violence estimated across the sector.

Both organisations are determined to work together and prevent further incidents and cost to the industry.

Association of Convenience Stores chief executive, James Lowman, said: “When the most serious incidents occur, it’s important that the industry stands together, which is why we’re continuing our important work with Crimestoppers to provide support to police forces and raise awareness of crimes against retailers. We hope that we will not need to offer any rewards in 2017, but we remain committed to doing so if necessary.”

Crimestoppers Director of Development, Rodger Holden, said: “Convenience stores are vital outlets within local communities, but there are some who abuse this. We need your help to ensure they are crime free, by telling us who it is that’s committing crimes against them. You can do this confidently and anonymously, safe in the knowledge no-one will know you spoke to us.”