Craft, low/no alcohol trends take beer trademarks to record high

Photo: iStock

The number of trademarks registered for beer has hit a record high in 2018, reveals the figures obtained by London-based law firm RPC.

The registrations jumped 6 percent, from 2,372 in 2017 to 2,519 last year. In the last five years, the number has almost doubled, rising 89 percent from 1,331 in 2013.

“Relentless demand for new niche beer products and flavours is driving the number of beer trademark registrations to record highs,” commented Ben Mark, IP Partner at RPC.

“Established players have learnt from the success of new entrants to the craft beer market and realised they can’t just offer consumers one product or one brand.”

Heineken’s Maltsmiths and AB InBev’s Lisa are the two such recently launched brands from the big brewers that try to take advantage of the craft beer boom.

BrewDog now has over 130 trademarks registered in the UK.

The demand for low-alcohol and alcohol-free beer among the younger generations has also resulted in a proliferation of new beer brands.

“It’s clear that everyone from the largest distilleries to the smallest craft breweries are keen to break into the “no/low” alcohol space,” said Ciara Cullen, RPC’s head of food & drink.

UK sales of non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits reached a record high of £57 million last year (Nielsen) – an increase of 39 percent.