Costcutter Supermarkets Group has rolled out its latest ordering platform upgrade, designed to help retailers operate and run a more successful retail business using the latest technology.

ActivOC is used by Costcutter retailers as a go-to platform to search for products and submit orders online. The latest upgrade to the popular online ordering system provides a better retailer experience whilst increasing the speed of product to market and offering a more streamlined service, giving an easy-to-use, consistent user experience in-line with Costcutter’s ActivHUB and ContentHUB systems.

“The redesigned ActivOC system is the latest in a wave of upcoming tech developments. Since first launching four years ago we have collected some valuable insights from our retailers which have allowed us to fully upgrade the system,” said David Morris, Director of IT at Costcutter.

“The new system makes retailers’ lives easier, providing an improved product catalogue, the ability to review current and previous orders and bookmark features they use more frequently. It can also help reclaim product sales as the system alerts retailers to alternative options if products are out of stock.”

More than half of the Costcutter retailers have signed up for the ActivOC system in the first few weeks since the launch, the firm said in a statement. It hopes to increase the number in the coming months with further training. In another development, it will soon make the portal available via a mobile app to assist retailers who work on the go, and don’t always have regular access to a desktop or laptop.

“Following last year’s Shopper First launch, which brings together new brand and store design, store-level shopper insights and sales driving range initiatives, retailers will now see better consistency across the CSG brand as well as online touchpoints,” Morris added.